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Journeying to Gulu, Uganda with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe - Day 3 - Patricia Smith


This Sunday Evening Mass at Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe church reflected the Catholic Church Service of the people of Gulu, Uganda.

It was solemn at times; but still was a festive holy service.  The children and parents prayed and sang and gave thanks!

Great 1st Sunday during Lent!

Sunday Evening Mass With Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe in Gulu, Uganda:  via @YouTube

There is 8 hours difference in time from CST and Gulu time....i.e. when it is 7:39am CST it is 3:39pm Gulu time.  I have finally almost got my sleep caught up----kinda!!!!

St. Monica’s takes me back to the days when I was growing up as a child / youth in my hometown of Wewoka----when I hung out at my grandparents a lot……

The mama cow and baby cow are just walking around checking out us humans!  J

The chickens are clucking----the ducks are quacking----I come out of my pop bottle house and find the baby bananas growing at the door.

The children are so receptive to hugs and love.  We prepared for the visit from Sharkeys and met them at the Gulu airport to greet them.

This was the Sabbath day---We went to evening mass.  The voices sounded like unified praise.  Everyone was so sincere in their worship.  They shook hands of everyone around----they kneeled and prayed and worshiped. 

The highlight of the service was this lil bitty boy no older than 4 or 5 stepped out in the aisle and started praying with the most sincere prayer on his lips----and I watched him pray for quite a long time----as people were filing out….He remained there praying.  I hope that whatever he was praying for that GOD will answer his prayer!

We walked out of the church and people were filing around to say hi to Sister Rosemary and welcome her home.  I went up to the front of the church-----and someone was talking about Sister Rosemary and pop tabs…..that’s all that I could make-out!....They were speaking in their native language……Even the people in Uganda talk about pop tab purses.  J

On our way home-----we had to stop by the grocery store which was the largest one in town----more like a gas convenience store like Love’s to us to pick up a few necessities like water and Pepsi cola for me----and it was in the old-fashioned glass bottle that you had to have a bottle opener to open….yeahhhhhh I found a pop….lol-----We were needing items for the Sarkey’s Hearing Foundation visit on Monday and Tuesday.  Sister Rosemary / St. Monica’s will be providing all of the lunches for the local and U.S. volunteers of Sarkey.  I was amazed at the food that the young girls prepared for all of the volunteers.  These young ladies attend St. Monica’s and are specializing in Culinary……I loveeeee their beans and rice.  I have never tasted the flavor like that.  We have fresh pineapples, fresh bananas, okra, greens, bread hot out of the oven and more.  I’ll have to share some of their dishes later…..But they are soooooo delicious!!!  3 meals a day---oh, oh----I’m going to be in trouble!

The next 2 days with Sarkey is about to begin----Nothing like helping others and saving lives!....

Here we go……getting ready to serve the hundreds of people needing ear examines, cleanings and hearing aids……

Thanks Sarkey for sharing with the world!

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