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Journeying to Gulu, Uganda with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe - Day 1 - Patricia Smith

Day 1 – After travelling over 24 hours…..Sister and I finally arrived in Kampala at the Entebbe Airport around midnight.  The airport was just like I remember seeing it on TV during the movie of the raid being filmed here.   I couldn’t take pictures.  I really wanted to take pictures you know----but there were policemen / guards everywhere.  Every imagined nationality was present there in the airport.  We had to go through customs which went smoothly considering this was my first time travelling abroad with a passport.  A young man by the name of Emmanuel who grew up in Uganda was sitting next to me and he shared many stories with me during this long trip about his life in Uganda----and he and his siblings growing up in Uganda as an orphan.....but now lives in the United States and is a very successful investment banker in Boston that teaches at Harvard.  I've adopted another son----nice and very intelligent young man.

No longer need a coat --- I'm definitely not in Oklahoma anymore--- it is warm here 80-90 degrees…..We have to rest before the next part of our journey to St. Monica’s which is a six hour drive.  We are leaving for Gulu early Saturday morning.  We are staying right now at a monastery in Kampala that rents out rooms.  It is soooo beautiful and green and peaceful here.  The priests are sooooooo kind and they have the utmost respect for Sister Rosemary.

We spent the afternoon in the house of Katherine --- Sister Rosemary’s biological sister and her children----she prepared a feast for us and it was sooooo delicious ----Tilapia from the Nile River, Maize that looks like mashed potatoes, beet juice and many other delicious dishes.  It was like something that you see in the movies or read in books.  Katherine’s children waited on us.  They brought me a basin with soap to the table to wash my hands before and after our lunch.  One of the neighbors came by to meet and greet me and she bowed and sat down on the floor and I greeted her the same way but gave her a big hug……This was such an honor to be honored by the family and friends of Sister Rosemary.

Sister took me to market…..and I went to a store----similar to our Walmart to purchase some of my favorites like sea salt, and mustard and even found a roasted chicken there which I purchased……We stopped at the outside market to purchase bananas….they come large and mini’s…….I have never tasted a banana so sweet in my life.  Sister shared that the sun ripens and sweetens the fruit here……and that when I get to St. Monica’s…..I will see large bananas and large sweet pineapples and other fruits and vegetables as soon as I walk out of my room.  

I’ve been kinda lost without the internet ---as you all can tell…..and my cell phone.  Purchased a local Uganda Nokia phone for $25.00-----got the chance to text my mom and sister / family to let them know that we made it here okay.  J

They have Ethernet-----here at the monastery…’m on….but can’t be up to much longer----cause we are leaving early for Gulu.  My room is real simple----has a twin bed and a small bathroom with a shower…..My bed has mosquito netting to cover you over the bed.  I had one mosquito that kept buzzing me…..I had sprayed down with Deep but I had to get up and kill that mosquito……lol…..could hear its buzzing sound.

Well---the journey continues…..I took a walk while I was at the house of Katherine’s about 4 blocks…..I don’t have a lot of monies personally myself and would consider myself in the lower income bracket here in the United States---However, I saw real poverty.  I understand why people in other countries think that we are rich here in the U.S…….compared to them, we probably are----definitely food for thought as I go to sleep.  The hills and the valleys and the lake are breath-taking here in Kampala.   The monastery is at the top of the hill…..I looked out down the hill and saw the beautiful lights below----I can hear music floating up from below and was very surprised that I could make out the words really well to the song.   It so quiet here at the monastery….just the opposite with the music floating up from somewhere below.

Okay---I’m sleepy now… kindle reading tonight----just wanna kill that mosquito….lol ----it's raining now and I am loving the sound of the pitter patter hitting the leaves of all of the greenery here at the monastery.

Nite All!!!!

P.S.  Our PFA driver – Jeffrey is the best driver ever-----and I told him that.  He drives with so much confidence…..he reminded me of the driving techniques of my eldest brother Larry----whom was my hero that I thought when I was young in grade school / junior high could drive with his eyes closed almost….lol  J  They drive on the left side of the road here-----and the traffic here is busy, busy and congested.   Sister had told me so----but, I thought that nothing was worse than Houston’s traffic on I-10.   The traffic in Kampala proved me wrong……I learned a new word today----Boda Boda.  There are so many Boda Bodas around (motor bikes).  They move in and out of traffic with ease.  They also act as taxis to many.

Can't wait to see what happens next on this journey!!!!

Sister Rosemary and her family told me:

I never thought that I would ever have this opportunity to visit my homeland!!!

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