Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The King of Alur in Uganda (King Rwoth Phillip Rauni Olarker) attended the wedding of Martin and Joan

The King of Alur in Uganda
(King Rwoth Phillip Rauni Olarker) 

I had the opportunity to photo a real King in Uganda -- The King of Alur. He attended the wedding of Martin and Joan which I attended while there in Uganda. The current Alur King is Rwoth Phillip Rauni Olarker. King Phillip was a childhood friend of Martin. This was soooooo exciting! This was such a beautiful wedding and reception.

I found an article in the Daily Monitor written by John K. Abimanyi who interviewed King Phillip.  I loved this particular part of the interview where he shared:  "Rwoth Ubimu (King) Philip Olarker Rauni III is a royal whose making has been cut from the same cloth of ordinariness. The 19th king of Alur kingdom, was not specially raised for royalty, if by that you mean fancy schools and a life of spoon-in-mouth privilege. When his name is summoned, those who know him talk about the cool dude living next door.” 

Mr. Abimanyi also shared that King Phillip had been “a
finance and economics professional, an esteemed banker, working with one of the most prestigious and largest banking brands. A few years later, that man steps up to sit on a throne on which his grandfather reigned over a people with a deeply buttressed culture.”

I have never seen a real King in person --- let along take photos of one.

This was such a wonderful and beautiful wedding celebration that I will for ever remember.....such an experience of a lifetime to photograph this wedding.

Pictures of the King of Alur attending Martin and Joan's Wedding can be found at the link below:

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