Saturday, February 27, 2016

Celebrating Black History Month: Honoring --- ERROLL IGNATIUS BYER, SR., MD

Celebrating Black History Month:

In honor of Black History Month, it is a pleasure to introduce distinguished Barbadian Physician, Dr. Erroll Byer, Sr. --- 'the only person in the world to discover an 'Erythrocyte Antigen', on human red blood cells. Dr. Byer has received many accolades for his discovery and has been recognized, honored, and awarded numerous times for his discovery by all the governing bodies of Medicine Worldwide! In 2015, he received the "Outstanding Unsung Heroes Award".

Erroll is the the Director of New Life Medical Associates in Brooklyn, NY...He and his son Erroll Byer, Jr. own and are also physicians at New Life Medical Associates.

Dr. Byer graduated from Suny Downstate Medical school and is a renown medical doctor in the field of OB/GYN. He has practiced medicine for over 30 years and delivered over 3000+ babies and not lost a one. Dr. Byer also has a Harvard degree in Mind Body Medicine.

Dr. Byer was born in the parish of St George, in the district of St Jude, in the gap of Rock Hall. Being the third of four boy children, born to the union of George Cameron Byer,(aka, Cammie or aka, Pa Byer), and Cynthia Agatha Byer, nee Hinkson, (aka, Too-Too, or MotherByer, or Sis).

Dr. Byer shared a little about his life growing up: 
"I had to learn early to defend myself from two older brothers, and a little "upstart favorite", little brother. I think that I became a little defender of those other little ones, my playmates, all partners in our little "innocent" crimes, such as "borrowing our neighbors mangoes, golden apples, mandarins, ackies, plums, cherries, and gooseberries, all "without permission", or taking a cane from the nearest plantation field. I participated in most of the children's fun and games of the times, keeping in mind that I am referring to a period in Barbados, in a "rural" parish, pre independence. Games did not include anything electronic at that time, since electricity was not widely available to the majority of our population on a routine basis then; neither were most of the games yet invented. Our fun and games most often took place out of doors, on pastures, and in the "roads and gaps", as they were then, or within your own yard; if you were fortunate enough to have yours enclosed with corrugated galvanized sheets, as was the standard then for most of us being raised in our chattel homes."

He's a remarkable / highly respected individual with an exceptionally high degree of education...yet, he's a down-to Earth, practical, and regular guy. A type 'A' personality, of which one can identify. You wouldn't even know he was a phenomenal / successful physician by his demeanor --- unless he told you.

Dr. Byer starts his email message in typical fashion...
Hi, Peace be unto you and yours! Good morning! 
"Wide Eyed, and Bushy Tailed"!? All ready to work!??
Let's go!! 
And he always ends in typical fashion...not forgetting to recognize who has been at the forefront of all his accomplishments..."Peace and be blessed!"

Dr. Erroll Byer, Sr. and Dr. Erroll Byer, Jr., Mrs. Barbara Byer, RN and Dr. Byer's entire family that are in the medical field are all phenomenal individuals that contribute to the medical field and the community in NYC. Dr. Byer and his family have the utmost respect from the community. He is known in the community as 'the doctor with a big giving heart'. Dr. Byer is an amazingly gifted hero, inspiration, and proud Barbadian….and a shining example to aspiring youth everywhere.

GOD bless you and your family for representing and being leaders in the field of medicine!

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