Friday, August 15, 2014

Thanks Followers for your support! --- I just hit 150K+ views on my Youtube Channel and 46K+ views on CNN iReport -- Patty Cake Greetings From The Heart

THANKS FOLLOWERS.....I LOVE YOU!!....just checked my youtube and other have hit:

150,046+ views on my Youtube Channel 
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46,388+ views on CNN iReport with 18 stories actually airing on and/or  CNN TV 
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30,000+ Shared / Viewed on Facebook my Scholarship Research for kids wanting to go to college  +++ thousands of more views on my other media resources.


I am now an official 'Femfessional'.
Read the interview on me by Femfessional CEO Violette Sproul.
Here is the link to the story:

Have had 2 Editors Picks of my stories on CNN
*Editor's Pick on CNN - 5/27/13**Also on CNN International TV on 6/29/13 and 6/30/13 
Okla. Tornado Survivor by Pat Smith-The Wall that saved Michael's life

Had 18 iReports used in CNN’s news coverage/45,625+ views on & CNN TV. Feature story of the day on U.S. home page-Breast Cancer Awareness Day at The Oklahoma State Capitol-Part II 

Won a Webby Award for CNN in NYC June, 2011. Webby Awards (the leading international awards honoring excellence on the Internet). Okla. Memorial Bombing entitled: “Walk In Our Shoes – Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Memorial – Okc” 

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****My new photo gallery is up----Pls stop by and visit:
Patty Cake Greetings From The Heart - Pictures by Pat

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Patty Cakes Greetings From The Heart

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Breast Cancer Awareness Day at The Oklahoma Capitol - Organizer 2013

INTEGRIS Health - African American Women Health Forum Committe Member / Photographer 


p.s. Also some of my pictures / stories have appeared in these media.
The Oklahoman
The Black Herald 
The Black Chronicle 
MetroFamily Magazine 
Edmond Outlook Magazine
Okc Friday


THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE-----FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT OF ALL OF MY MANY CAUSES.  ♥♥♥  I trulyyyyyy appreciate you---Couldn't do it without your support! 


Philippians 4:13 - We can do all things through CHRIST who strenghthens us!

You know --- sometimes you get lucky and blessed.....I know that I am --- GOD has allowed a lot of my dreams that I had as a child come true. I know that I am not that talented, or that smart or the best writer / photographer----But I do work hard.......and I loveeeee the things that I do.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is Not me----BUT, it's truly GOD's Blessings.

Patty Cake Greetings From The Heart

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