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Celebrating Black History Month by honoring my friend -- Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe from Gulu, Uganda

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe - CNN Hero of the year 2007

Sister Rosemary has started a school in Gulu, Uganda for the young girls that were kidnapped / enslaved by the warlords at an early age. They were impregnated, mutilated, kept in bondage until Sister Rosemary fought back and saved them from their captors. She has allowed them to have a childhood, taught them skills to encourage their importance.

Read more above and see video about Sister Rosemary's CNN Hero award and her plight in Gulu. She feeds families from up in the hills on well as her girls at the St. Monica School. Right now---there is a drought and they need water.

They also need our 'PRAYERS' you Sister Rosemary!!

2007 CNN Hero Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe Honored in Oklahoma City - Pros For Africa Event at the Oklahoma State Capitol sponsored by Reggie and Rachelle Whitten of the Whitten Foundation (Pros For Africa) by CNN iReporter - Patricia Smith

The music video - Touched by A Rose (Music Video by JAIA) - Dedicated to Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and St. Monica's School 

More pictures of Sister Rosemary's visit to the United States and the event held at the Oklahoma State Capitol Governor's mansion
Pictures at Oklahoma's Governor Mansion
Pictures with Sister Rosemary (Girl's Night Out)


by Patricia Smith on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 10:57am
New from Tree of Wisdom: “Happy Sunday” Atiak Feeding Program

“Happy Sunday” Atiak Feeding Program
Posted: 04 Apr 2011 03:10 PM PDT
It has become hard for me and the coordinators of Tree of Wisdom to know how many children come to the feeding program–“Happy Sunday” as the children call it.

Atiak, the village in Northern Uganda where we have the TOW feeding program running every Sunday since July 2010, experiences a long period of draught every year.  The ones who suffer most as a result of this famine are the children and elderly people.   It  becomes more and more compelling to provide food for the children there.  The number of children who come every Sunday keeps increasing because very often, kids comes with their friends.

 At first it was overwhelming to see so many kids coming to the “Happy Sunday”. My worry was that the food would not be enough to feed them all.  I was proven wrong as the children got the food and sat down, sharing  one plate of food between two of them.   This reminds me of the power of sharing.  Blessed Mother Theresa said, “the poor know how to share.”

Apart from love and care the children receive from all their friends and sponsors in Tree of Wisdom.  The biggest gift has been the feeding program for many of the children in Atiak.  Thanks to the generosity of everybody who has made this possible.  Its not going to be easy for us to get the exact number of children who come every week to Happy Sunday but the number fluctuates between 120 to 150 children.  It is hard to send away new faces of hungry children who report with their friends.  We decided from the beginning that we wouldn’t ever do that.  This program is making a huge impact on the lives of children in Atiak, and it can be seen that the children look a lot better. 

My only fear is that we shall be getting more children coming with their friends.  On the other hand I have also learned to trust in the Divine Providence.  I just have to get past the thought that we shall not have enough to feed all the children who come on our way.

Again I thank you all for making this happen.  Your generosity makes the children live with hope.
God Bless you all,
Sr. Rosemary

Sister Rosemary's students are making beautiful beads and pop tab purses that can be purchased to help the children / families there.

I love you Sister Rosemary....I am sooooo humbled and honored that you call me friend.....and have added me to your 'best friend' list.  I am soooooooo praying for you and all those babies down there in Africa.  My sister Sherry and I are going to get started helping you to feed those babies by selling your jewelry up here in the United States.  I will contact Monique this week!!....She has already sent me an email to just let her know when we were ready......

I will gather your and my sisters---Rev. Alice, Linda, Rita, Lynda, Lisa, Cynthia, Tammi and Sherry up here in Oklahoma and intercede on your behalf to 'Our Heavenly Father'.  

Thank you sooooooo much for caring and loving all of those many children that you call your extended family.  I know that you don't have to be there---you are such a brilliant woman (you could be on a speaking-tour around the world); but you have chosen to serve HIM and be a vessal to 'make a difference'....a biggg difference in the lives of those children because you reflect HIM and have the 'Heart of GOD'.

....Love ya mutchly my sister---and much prayer---Pat

p.s. Thanks again sooooooooo much for always supporting my many projects and causes that I am always working on / promoting....Love you....Yal are the bestest friends and family!!! 

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