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CNN producer note

Patricia0117 says she was going to church on Sunday, September 26, when she spotted a man carrying a cross on his back. She says she did a U-turn and decided to go back and talk to him.
nsaidi, CNN iReport producer
iReport —
Sunday the Twenty-sixth day of September---In the year of our Lord, Two-thousand, ten at the Twelfth Hour
According to historical biblical notes, Jesus carried His cross prior to his death on the 3rd of April, 33AD.
Here we are on the 26th Day of September in the year 2010…..and we have Mr. Chris Ziegert of Oklahoma City walking and carrying the cross of JESUS down the street of MLK.  Chris stopped to talk with me for a moment and shared that he’s living a crucified life and that it isn’t a easy thing.  He also said that his carrying of the cross was symbolic for the age and time that we are now living in.  Chris believes that Christ still loves and wants everyone in His kingdom…that He truly did die for us.
Chris doesn’t have any set walking program and he doesn’t keep account of his miles.  He just recently started back walking every other day.  He has walked not only in the streets of Oklahoma City, but has also walked in the state from Oklahoma City to Tulsa.  He has walked in other states to include California and other countries..i.e. Israel which he said was definitely an ‘intensive walk’.
Chris shared that God told him to ‘go and walk for Him’.    People stop, like myself and talk to him---even groups have stopped.  “People are what it is all about”, Chris shared.….”that the people are God’s heartbeat”.
The cross that Chris was bearing / carrying for Christ was even more symbolic of Christ’s walk with His cross…Chris’ cross was also not a light load.  It weighs about 60 lbs. and is made of heavy wood.  He walks with the cross on his shoulder---but instead of dragging the cross, he has a wheel on the bottom that rolls along with him down the streets and byways of his walk.
As Chris was leaving to continue his journey for Christ, he blessed me and handed me his card that read---All For Jesus.
Thanks Chris for sharing this ‘Christ Miraculous Moment’ with me and CNN iReport on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

Special Note:  Pictures are also available on Buttons 2-5

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